Notes from a Therapist's Chair: The Therapy and Counseling Blog is Moving

Over the last few months I've talked about some changes to this blog; not only location but content. Notes from a Therapist's Chair holds a special place in my heart as it is my first "toe-dipping" into the online world to write about a topic I am passionate about - therapy!

A number of years later, I found myself managing a lot of blogs as well as developing The Toolbox at - and my private practice website. Way too time consuming and scattered for me. Life balance was becoming an issue - and so a new plan sprang forth.

The last few months I've been working on a redesign of The Toolbox in a way that all of my articles, blogs and other resources could be in one place that I could more easily manage. It's just about done - and Notes from a Therapist's Chair as you know it on Blogger will be redirected to my new site very soon.

Additionally, this blog in it's new location will now specifically speak to therapists and counselors. Those who aren't in the therapy profession who have been following the blog, if you go to my newly re-launched site, you'll see there are other places to follow me if the new topic isn't of interest. One of the neat things about my new site is it has a lot more options for "following" - via RSS feeds (you can choose a particular topic area if you don't want the whole site feed, for example), social networking or monthly newsletter.

Thank you for sharing in this experience with me! I'm very excited for this next step and I hope you come join me!

Notes from a Therapist's Chair: The Therapy and Counseling Blog


Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT
The Toolbox at A Resource for Emotional and Relationship Health

The Therapy and Counseling Blog: Recognition for my Article on Choosing a Therapist

Today is a good day!

I just found an article I wrote listed as one of the "Top 10 Resources for What to Expect in Your First Counseling Session" on It's listed in the #2 spot right under so I'm particularly flattered. PsychCentral is top notch.

This makes me feel really good - I haven't been writing as much since trying to get the re-launch of The Toolbox at sorted out and I look forward to getting back into it.

The Therapy and Counseling Blog: Couples Communication

How about a few tidbits on "couples communication?" Check out my latest post as the San Francisco Marriage and Relationships Examiner for!

Relationships 101: Couples Communication

The Therapy and Counseling Blog: A Blog for Therapists?

It's been no secret that I've been working on relaunching my primary website, The Toolbox at - the goal to create a more streamlined, easier to navigate, social networking accessible, comment enabled version of it's former self. Additionally, I'll be moving my various blogs to this new site - including this one.

Notes from a Therapist's Chair: The Therapy and Counseling Blog is my "O.B" (original blog) and started out as the home of my mental health and relationship articles, etc - but over time became more commentary on various topics related to therapy and counseling - and as of late, more discussion about therapist-related topics.

I haven't found any other blogs out there "for therapists" so when this moves to it's new home in The Toolbox, my plan is that it will be specifically for commentary and dialogue intended for those in the business of therapy and counseling. Being that the rest of site will contain a lot of the information that was originally intended for my readers, I figure everyone will be fine with the change.

Any thoughts on this plan? Good? Bad? Indifferent?


The Therapy and Counseling Blog: Therapists, the Internet and Social Networking

Isn't it amazing how much the internet has impacted therapists?

I'm talking about the way we operate in marketing (yes, therapists now "market) and often times, practice running (many offer phone and online therapy.) Personally, I've been very active online the last several years and have created somewhat of a presence in my niche through my articles, resources website (The Toolbox at, therapy eworkbooks and other venues. It's been an interesting shift from "the therapist behind the curtain" to someone is the general public has an opportunity to know more about, which I believe isn't such a bad thing (with certain limitations of course). I am always mindful of "the line" but also feel that being authentic resonates more with people.

Then there's social networking. I'm curious to know if any therapists out there with Facebook accounts have had clients attempt to befriend you there. I have - and I've had to carefully draw the line. I recently created a separate Facebook page for my website, in case people want to stay connected that way. But again, it's always a conundrum to figure out how to "walk the line."

And Twitter. That's a serious phenomenon, another that I'm active on. I "tweet" about various mental health and relationship topics as well as add in a few personal musings about this and that.

Perhaps if I didn't have side business related to my therapy practice (the workbooks and other paid writing gigs), it would be easier for me to know how to operate in this landscape. But I find myself alternating between my "therapist" hat - and my "business" hat...which by the way, all therapists might want to consider having as well if you want to survive in this economy (unless you thrive on referrals alone and if so, good for you!).

I would love to hear what other therapist/counselor types think about this topic.

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Michael Jackson - the man, his childhood and a "tortured soul"

The recent passing of Michael Jackson inspired me to write several posts for my column about him in an attempt to shift away from the "drama" and media frenzy (and likely much more to come) - to who he was as a human being shaped by his experiences.

Being a therapist with a practice focus of family of origin work, I couldn't help but take a strongly empathic position - which is I know is different from many. I know it can sometimes be hard to separate a person's "behavior" from who they really are but I'd like to think that those who have been readers of this blog (therapists and non-therapists alike) would appreciate my "take" - so I hope you enjoy the following:

Michael Jackson - The Man

Michael Jackson - What's His Childhood Got to Do With It?

Michael Jackson - A "tortured, tortured soul..."

Feedback always welcome!

Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT
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